TASP Business Managers Network

As part of our Association's annual review and business planning, it is clear to us that we want TASP to align itself with the position that reflects the importance of the Business Manager's role in Safeguarding Partnerships. We are aiming to deliver a range of efforts to support Business Managers, including:

  • Monthly Network Meeting on the 2nd Monday, of every month at 4pm to 5:30pm [please note - July's meeting is scheduled for the 3rd Monday of the month]
  • Building a forum off the back of the Network Meetings to continue conversations around themes or topics
  • Building a Resource base (stored on the website) for Effective Practice to encourage shared learning.
  • Direct contact database with colleagues nationally, where you will be able to look up and contact with other members anywhere in the country, as well as search for colleagues with specific expertise

The next Business Managers Network Meeting link is below, where you can register to attend. TASP is committed to operating these sessions for ALL colleagues for a minimum of six months. This will then be voted on at the TASP AGM to determine if this should be a Members Only perk. 

Network Meeting Registration Links

Please use the links below to register to the next Business Managers Network Meeting.


Meeting 15 - 11th July 2022 at 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Topics for discussion at Meeting 15:

  1. Independent Scrutiny Arrangements - are we showing impacts and outcomes for children
  2. Sibling Sexual Abuse
  3. Partnership positions on National Panel Reviews and Social Care Review
  4. Missing in Education (Exclusions, Home Education, Alternative Provision)
  5. Sports Associations - what's being done in partnerships
  6. CSA Strategy (from 2021) - how is implementation going?
  7. Annual Reports -Evidencing Impact

Typically the meetings cover 3-4 topics. Depending on the length of conversations, some topics may be moved forward to next meeting.


Meeting Notes & Shared Resources

We have created web pages to store a summary of the meeting that took place and to share any resources colleagues made available at the meeting or for the meeting. This can be used if you attended the meeting, and want to find a resource a colleague discussed AND can be used for those who couldn't make it, and want to catch up with the discussion and shared content.