Benefits of Membership

If you are part of any Safeguarding Partnerships & governance arrangements, TASP has something for you.

Partner Membership

Partner membership starts at £1500.00. Entry level Membership provides your organisation with a minimum of five access points to members content as well as individual member discounts provided on CPD.

To service organisations with a wider number of representatives, we are operating tiered membership rates. For example partnerships that include more than one local authority area and or multiple statutory partners.

The rate card is as follows:

up to 5 representatives      =     £1500 - ENTRY LEVEL
6 -10 representatives         =     £1500 (+ £250 per additional person over 5 representatives)
11 -15 representatives       =     £1500 (+ £225 per additional person over 5 representatives)
16 - 20 representatives      =     £1500 (+ £200 per additional person over 5 representatives)
20 + representatives           =     £1500 (+ £175 per additional person over 5 representatives)

So, if your Partnership is made up of two local authorities, one police service and one CCG then 6 representatives may be useful. 1 for police, 1 for CCG, 2 for each Local Authority, 1 for a Business Manager and 1 for a Scrutineer or Chair. This would cost £1500+£250= £1750.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Alison at [email protected].  Please provide the name of your Organisation and the names and titles of your key Police, Health and Local Authority leads in Safeguarding (if available; together with their titles and email addresses). In addition, the details of any other staff members to which you wish to provide access. If you require a Purchase Order prior to being invoiced please raise one for £1500.00 (or rate card level requested) to The Association of Safeguarding Partners. If you require ANY further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email Alison at [email protected].  

Membership brings a number of benefits such as discounted conference fees, free advertising, access to support and dedicated resources and information. In addition, feedback from our recent Membership survey, suggested the strongest value in membership was the opportunity for an active learning network, and a network to share and discuss local experiences nationally.


  • Learning and sharing resources
  • Access to the latest safeguarding news
  • Monthly newsletter and new website
  • Building and sharing Members only website content together to share best practice
  • Shape the future of safeguarding
  • Support to the continuing development of Safeguarding Partnerships, in all their forms
  • A voice to ensure that the experiences of those working in a safeguarding role are understood, respected and valued
  • Key stakeholder engagement updates
  • Join exclusive working groups
  • Access to Reviewer Author's Directory
  • Vacancy alerts
  • Free vacancy advertising for Partners
  • Annual Conference and discount available to Members 



As a TASP Member you are connected to each other and can reach out to ask for support or share examples of good practice nationally or regionally. The connections are yours to exercise.


As a TASP Member  you can join working groups on topics in which Safeguarding Partnerships are facing common challenges. 


The value of Membership lies in the collective contributions we can all make to promote effective safeguarding.