Member Resources

One of TASP's main aims is to provide useful resources to members. The libary will continue to be built and added under this section. For non-members, a description of these products are provided below.

Reviewer Author's Directory

TASP Reviewers Directory is available to members. Click on the Members only button.

Independent Scrutiny

TASP has a six step tool for Partners to use seperately and together to develop and reflect on the safeguarding children plan with desired outcomes.

Webinar Recordings

TASP has run over 16 Webinars in the last year, facillitating a wide range of discussions and recorded all sessions for Members to be able to review at their leisure.

Annual Reports & Analysis

The DfE are expecting an annual review of new arrangements to be submitted by each Partnership by September (One year after publication of the new arrangements). Reports will be published as they arrive and TASP will collate reports to summarise the year review of new arrangements following their submissions in September.


Member Forums

TASP is launching member forums for colleagues to share good practice and discuss topical concerns and issues. The first forum launched covers Covid19.