Network Meeting 2

The second Network meeting took place on 10th May 2021. 42 colleagues joined the meeting. Results to "Business Managers - What can TASP do to support your role?" survey shared. A summary of these findings are illustrated below and can also be downloaded as a powerpoint.

In addition, Colleagues had an open discussion on:

  • Strategies to recruit and retain effective Lay members
  • How LSCPs engage/outreach work with faith and community groups
  • Section 11 Discussion

The agenda for this meeting can be downloaded below.

The detailed meeting notes of the discussion can also be downloaded below. There is excellent examples and discussion, and it is definitely worth downloading.

BM Network Meeting Notes for 10th May 2021
(Microsoft Word Document)

Results of Business Manager Survey

What can TASP do to support your role?

Thank you to all who completed Survey.

  • We had 69 responses
  • Good geographical spread
  • Two thirds of responses from TASP members and third from non-members


The survey reviewed the length of service as a Business Manager









Business Managers confirmed what they would like included in Network Meetings

  • Informal discussions got the highest score
  • Close second with sharing good practice and issues and themed discussions
  • Speakers was a slightly lower priority but certainly achieved some interest


Business Managers identified the main benefits of being a part of a national network

  • Sharing best practice/ ideas and also issues!
  • Influencing Policy
  • Influencing the direction of TASP
  • Support and voice for BMs
  • Meetings run for the benefit of BM community
  • Discussing key areas of business management & thematic safeguarding issues
  • More potential for varied thinking and implementation of different processes
  • Strength of voice and being able to assert pressure
  • Lobbying for changes to regulations
  • Using the “voice” to seek clarity from the National Panel and other stakeholders


Business Managers Identified key resources they would like from a national network

  • CSPR Authors Database – needs an overhaul (list with specialisms/costs)
  • Policy, Procedure & Practice Exemplars (e.g., Example templates for Rapid Reviews; New polices in development of emerging issues – e.g., CYP selling images of themselves is a current concern
  • Contact details for Business Managers (and areas of expertise)
  • Links to relevant up to date readings (reports and consultations etc.)
  • New practice developments that evidence impact of change
  • Funding Analysis
  • Team Specifications
  • Shared Learning from Peer Reviews
  • Development and sharing of Training Resources
  • “How to Do’s” on routine activity (e.g., S175, S11, Annual Reports, risk registers)
  • Recommendations for providers of training (could be handled in same way as authors)
  • Ideas for how to ensure learning is disseminated and improves practice and the Partnership
  • Scrutiny Tools
  • SPR / Audit / Section 11 / Data gathering tools
  • TORs and Templates
  • Resources relating to fulfilling the annual reporting requirements
  • Learning from Serious Child Incidents and National Review recommendations
  • Participation Approaches – for ideas and resources
  • Learning Aids / Briefing Templates
  • Linking with Boards / Partnerships of similar size and complexities
  • Conference Speakers
  • Specific Accredited Leadership Development Programme for Managers facilitated by a HEI in Partnership with an org such as Research in Practice
  • Business Manager Blog


Finally, there were a considerable number of key current issues shared which need theming and reviewing. This will be an action for next meeting.

First Steps - TASP response to request

  • Establishing BM Network
  • Commitment to time for Meeting and developing resources
  • Commitment to minimum of 6 months of access to meeting before having to join
  • Approved budget for Website development for Business Manager contact details – searchable with areas of expertise
  • Rehaul of Reviewer Database. Searchable by theme, links to published reports, listing of reports and links to local partnerships
  • Approved Budget for Website Development of Database of resources (e.g., exemplars, templates, policies, TORs etc.)