Network Meeting 2

The second Network meeting took place on 10th May 2021. 42 colleagues joined the meeting. Results to "Business Managers - What can TASP do to support your role?" survey shared. A summary of these findings are illustrated below and can also be downloaded as a powerpoint.

Results of Business Manager Survey

What can TASP do to support your role?

Thank you to all who completed Survey.

  • We had 69 responses
  • Good geographical spread
  • Two thirds of responses from TASP members and third from non-members


The survey reviewed the length of service as a Business Manager









Business Managers confirmed what they would like included in Network Meetings

  • Informal discussions got the highest score
  • Close second with sharing good practice and issues and themed discussions
  • Speakers was a slightly lower priority but certainly achieved some interest


Business Managers identified the main benefits of being a part of a national network

  • Sharing best practice/ ideas and also issues!
  • Influencing Policy
  • Influencing the direction of TASP
  • Support and voice for BMs
  • Meetings run for the benefit of BM community
  • Discussing key areas of business management & thematic safeguarding issues
  • More potential for varied thinking and implementation of different processes
  • Strength of voice and being able to assert pressure
  • Lobbying for changes to regulations
  • Using the “voice” to seek clarity from the National Panel and other stakeholders


Business Managers Identified key resources they would like from a national network

  • CSPR Authors Database – needs an overhaul (list with specialisms/costs)
  • Policy, Procedure & Practice Exemplars (e.g., Example templates for Rapid Reviews; New polices in development of emerging issues – e.g., CYP selling images of themselves is a current concern
  • Contact details for Business Managers (and areas of expertise)
  • Links to relevant up to date readings (reports and consultations etc.)
  • New practice developments that evidence impact of change
  • Funding Analysis
  • Team Specifications
  • Shared Learning from Peer Reviews
  • Development and sharing of Training Resources
  • “How to Do’s” on routine activity (e.g., S175, S11, Annual Reports, risk registers)
  • Recommendations for providers of training (could be handled in same way as authors)
  • Ideas for how to ensure learning is disseminated and improves practice and the Partnership
  • Scrutiny Tools
  • SPR / Audit / Section 11 / Data gathering tools
  • TORs and Templates
  • Resources relating to fulfilling the annual reporting requirements
  • Learning from Serious Child Incidents and National Review recommendations
  • Participation Approaches – for ideas and resources
  • Learning Aids / Briefing Templates
  • Linking with Boards / Partnerships of similar size and complexities
  • Conference Speakers
  • Specific Accredited Leadership Development Programme for Managers facilitated by a HEI in Partnership with an org such as Research in Practice
  • Business Manager Blog


Finally, there were a considerable number of key current issues shared which need theming and reviewing. This will be an action for next meeting.

First Steps - TASP response to request

  • Establishing BM Network
  • Commitment to time for Meeting and developing resources
  • Commitment to minimum of 6 months of access to meeting before having to join
  • Approved budget for Website development for Business Manager contact details – searchable with areas of expertise
  • Rehaul of Reviewer Database. Searchable by theme, links to published reports, listing of reports and links to local partnerships
  • Approved Budget for Website Development of Database of resources (e.g., exemplars, templates, policies, TORs etc.)