Network Meeting 1

The first Network meeting took place on 12th April, 2021. 51 colleagues joined the meeting to explore ideas on how TASP can support Business Managers in their role. Colleagues were also invited to complete a full survey of which the results would be collated and shared.  The first meeting gathered the following information:

Colleagues Suggested the following were things that they would want from a network:

  • Online Forum to share best practice
  • Area to promote an area of good practice or innovation (things that are working well with good impact)
  • Lots of overlap on what we all do in an LSCP but little joined up effort – where we can directly share / not just the learning but the Terms of References, Sharing Experts etc.
  • Would be useful to know which Partnerships are joint (as in between Children and Adults)
  • Would be useful to be able to sort CSPR Authors by theme (i.e. particular practice issues)
  • Would be useful to be able to “recommend” Authors. A list tells you who there is, a network allows a discussion on how effective they were, what they brought to the review, how self-sufficient they were etc.
  • Map the regional networks so colleagues can join appropriate groups


Colleagues suggested the following were reasions to have a National Network:

  • General Networking feels valuable
  • Sharing best practice/ ideas and also issues!
  • Influencing Policy
  • Influencing the direction of TASP
  • Support and voice for BMs
  • Meetings run for the benefit of BM community
  • Some areas have strong regional networks, and it wasn’t clear what additional value there was in a National Network – colleagues contributed ideas on what they felt was in addition
    • Insights from very different perspectives
    • SW, SE & NW don’t have a regional network, so value in any network (However, Avon, Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire have a small network)
    • More potential for varied thinking and implementation of different processes
    • Strength of voice and being able to assert pressure
    • Lobbying for changes to regulations
    • Using the “voice” to seek clarity from the National Panel and other stakeholders


Colleagues discussed some of the facts they would like to know nationally:

  • The role of the business manager
  • What Partnerships are joint (Adult and children’s)?
  • What Partnerships have a Chair?
  • What Partnerships have a Scrutineer(s)? If yes, how many?
  • If both, are they the same individual?
  • As a business manager, how many partnerships are you managing?
  • How big is your support team?
  • What areas of expertise do you have, and may be willing to support other colleagues with?


Colleagues made the following suggestions for Topics of Interest:

  • Harm faced online
  • Wood Review – focus on the business unit
  • Clarity around Rapid Reviews
  • Presentation from National Panel
  • Themed discussion on scrutiny arrangements